Workstation Requirements
As with any web application, the way the site actually looks on a client workstation varies between internet browsers and browser versions. Each new browser version corrects some issues found in previous versions and usually introduces some new ones.

The ILPSA application makes use of several newer browser features. These include cascading style sheets, cookies and client side JavaScript. Your browser must be capable of supporting these features and must have them enabled.

Browser Recommendations
Platform Preferred Browser Minimum Browser
Windows Internet Explorer (IE) 6.0 Internet Explorer (IE) 6.0
Mozilla Firefox 1.5
Macintosh Camino 1.0.2 Camino 1.0.2
Mozilla Firefox 1.5

Microsoft Internet Explorer Homepage (Windows)
Mozilla Firefox (Windows) Download Homepage
Mozilla Firefox (Mac) Download Homepage
Camino Download Homepage
Adobe Acrobat Reader Download Homepage