* The current application is undergoing revisions. The updated application with new standards will be available October 1, 2024!

The purpose of the online application system is to allow professional study providers to access, complete and submit the Instructional Leadership Professional Study Application (ILPSA) to the ACLD. Professional study providers are encouraged to submit the professional study application at least two months prior to the date of initial implementation, giving the ACLD adequate time to review. As a result, professional study providers will have appropriate time to respond to ACLD recommendations, as needed. The ACLD does not review applications for retroactive approval. Professional studies implemented prior to ACLD approval, may be considered by the local superintendent, at his or her discretion, for a locally approved Professional Learning Unit (PLU). The ACLD does not review graduate courses, regardless of delivery format, university or college affiliation, or included in a professional study for PLU credit.

The ACLD and the Alabama State Department of Education (SDE) do not endorse any groups, organizations, associations, agencies, individuals, private providers, vendors, and/or any other entities that submit professional study applications for ACLD approval to earn PLU status. ACLD approval is strictly for the content and delivery of the professional study provided through the application process.


The Alabama Council for Leadership Development (ACLD) must receive the online professional study application by the submission deadline date. If assistance is needed, please contact Telena Madison at 334-694-4827 or tmadison@alsde.edu.

• November 14, 2023 • November 28, 2023
• January 9, 2024 • January 23, 2024
• February 20, 2024 • March 5, 2024
• April 23, 2024 • May 7, 2024
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Description of a Professional Study
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Professional Learning Units (PLUs) - Learn More!
To learn more about PLUs, as related to maintaining instructional leader certification, contact Educator Certification at edcert@alsde.edu.
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To Participate in a Professional Study
To participate, search for a professional study of interest and contact the provider. The provider’s contact information is shown in the ADDRESS BOOK. The contact person(s) will share registration procedures, dates of availability and other pertinent information. Click Here .
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